Handmade Journals

I would like to think that my journals not only fulfill their purpose as pages for penning your thoughts, but are in themselves original works of art and creative expressions of their maker. Each of my journals use many hours to complete, each one is a piece of mixed media/assemblage artwork thoughtfully put together. Each one has a soul of its own.

This is a collection of journals I have made through the years. Most have been sold. But do check out my shop http://alteredalchemy.etsy.com I will have new journals listed from time to time.

Dragon Rider

Carpe Diem

 The Heart of Eryneth (the ElvenTree)

 Travel Trio

Age of Innocence

{A Book & A Box}

Flower in the Attic


 Between Two Worlds


 A Witch's Handbook

 A Lover's Handbook

 Book of Earendil Revisited

The Seafarer's Sword

 the Anonymous

 Book of Ages

 the Navigator

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

 Book of Making

the Secret Diary of Catherine Linton
alchemy journal handmade

handmade books journals

A Different Place & Time
handmade books bookmaking

Fallen Angel

Ancient West
handmade books bookmaking

Darkness Rising

My Heart Will Go On

The Coming
handmade books journals

handmade books bookmaking


Quidditch Handbook ~ Palm Size

Son of Numenor
handmade books bookmaking

Dream Keeper

Tales from Faraway

Book of the Brotherhood
handmade books journals


Nimloth of Eressea
handmade books journals

 Book of Earendil

Journal 1969

Book of Fate
handmade books journals

A Cullen Confession

Book of Sorcery
handmade books journals

Je T'aime Forever

handmade books journals


Time Travel
handmade books bookmaking journals

Book of Celts

~ Examples of Book Spine & Pages ~

Brown Recycle Paper
handmade books journals

Stained & Stamped